To create clean straight lines of light, RIDI's range of extruded aluminium systems has you covered.

The three different product ranges are tailored to different applications, but each shares a common DNA.

  • Extruded aluminium in a natural anodised finish
  • RIDI-Group LED boards
  • High efficiency and low glare optics


product families


A direct light luminaire with an integral pre-wired bus-bar system providing simple installation and uniquely, easy re-positioning of lighting units within the aluminium body.  A dedicated recessed version features a return lip.

  • Pendant, Recessed and Surface fixing
  • Pre-wired bus bar
  • Blanking plates can be fitted with accessories

Surface version system components

Recessed version system components


A direct light luminaire that can be used either as an uplight or downlight and in addition as a corridor light with specially designed wall fixings.

  • Light sources freely positioned along the length of the system body
  • 180° coupler allows switch from uplight to downlight mid way through runs
  • Sensors, emergency heads and more can be integrated in the blanking plates

System components


H Section extrusion allowing enormous flexibility, with lighting units able to be positioned at any point along the system body in either up or downlight positions.

  • Suspended system for Direct/Indirect applications
  • Plug and socket lighting units common to the U-Line and H-Line
  • All ranges available in special colours and finishes on request

System components

U-Line Mini

At only 40x 40mm, but with an output of up to 3,330 lm per metre U-Line mini provides a surprising amount of light from a tiny body.

  • Remote gear tray to enable ultra compact body
  • Pendant, Surface and dedicated recessed mounting kits
  • Visually continuous up to 3m

System Components

H-Line Mini

The same 40mm width as U-Line Mini and 80mm tall, H-Line Mini has independent Up and Downlight components for Pendant mounting.

  • Opal and MPS optics
  • Special finishes available on request

System Components

putting it together


Supplied with pre-wired bus bar in the extruded body.  LED lighting units are simply clicked into place anywhere along the length making physical and electrical connections.  


LED Lighting units are clicked into place anywhere along then length of the extruded body and linked electrically using plug/sockets mounted on the gear trays or extended using pre-made extension cables.  A variety of optical control is available including narrow, wide and asymmetric beams in addition to the opal and MPS diffusers. 


H-Line uses a common gear tray lighting unit with U-Line, but they can be mounted in either the upper or lower compartment.

U-Line / H-Line Gear Trays


Silver gear tray for use without diffusers as uplight or downlight in lengths 900mm, 1200mm or 1500mm

Technical Details for

U-LINE-G-F ... B ...

White gear tray with a wide beam for use with additional optical diffusers or controllers. In lengths 600mm, 900mm, 1200mm or 1500mm

  • Microprismatic Diffuser - MPS
  • Opal Diffuser - O

See technical details

U-Line and H-Line feature a wealth of standard accessories allowing you to create complex structures.

Bespoke modified versions of all three systems are available with continuous light right into the mitred corners. 

Contact us for more details.

90° Joiner

T Shaped Joiner

Cross Shaped Joiner


DALI Multisensors

Emergency LED Head


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