Manfred Diez has once again been appointed Chairman of the Lighting Division of the German Electrical and Electronic Manufacturers’ Association (ZVEI-FV Licht).

Manfred Diez (RIDI luminaires) has once again been appointed Chairman of ZVEI-FV Licht. Deputies Frank Hohn (Osram), Franz Jansen (Philips Lighting) and Dietmar Zembrot (Trilux) were also appointed once again.

Manfred Diez is a long-standing member of the Lighting Division’s advisory board, and is involved in strategic, technical and market-focused committees. As a member of the ZVEI Board of Directors, he also links the Lighting Division’s work with work related to key subjects for the ZVEI, particularly energy and buildings.

“The ZVEI provides answers for an environment that is transforming at a constantly increasing pace. By pooling topics, the association reflects the networking and synergies taking place between individual sectors, which are becoming increasingly important,” explains Diez. Moreover, moving forward, it will also be important to demonstrate the lighting industry’s proprietary know-how on luminaire and illumination quality and apply this towards new applications and services. This approach could also be taken to secure the successes the industry has enjoyed in Germany so far over the medium term. The advent of digitalisation in particular calls on the sector, the majority of which consists of mid-sized companies, to adapt its technical, legal, political and business parameters.

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