Project manager - IHK (m/f/d) *IHK certificate*


  • 9 days

Target group

This course is oriented towards anyone involved with project-oriented planning, budgeting and controlling of services during everyday working life, or those integrated in project teams or responsible for leading projects as the team or project leader. The course is also suitable for students of specialisations employing project management as a standard method. The course is particularly well suited to industrial specialists or administrative staff subject to budget constraints and involved in complex customer projects or their own investment projects.

The course also offers excellent development potential for staff from freelance institutions, which are generally responsible for a high proportion of planning tasks. Key industries ideally suited to the course: Capital goods producers, production industries, providers of complex services, PR, construction companies, planning offices, administrations, etc.


Day 1 (8 units)
Project definitions
Project types
Success factors of PM
Requirements and target systems
Scope and deliveries (scope of work and deliverables)

Day 2 (8 units)
Involved parties
Project risks vs. opportunities
Project organisations
Core organisation (line organisation)

Day 3 (8 units)
Procedure models
Structure models and plans
Schedule planning
Resource types, planning and deployment
MS Project and business case

Day 4 (8 units)
Cost management and liquidity
Project controlling

Day 5 (8 units)
Acquisition and purchasing processes
Human resources management
Health and safety, environmental protection

Day 6 (8 units)
Project start
Project completion
Quality management in projects
Configuration and change notifications
Documentation techniques

Day 7 (8 units)
Teams in projects
Leadership in projects
Problem-solving models
Conflicts and crises
Systems and reliability
Ethics and appreciation factors

Day 8 (7 units)
Creativity in projects
Legal basics in projects

Day 9 (8 units)
MS Project, representing complex projects
Revision and exam preparation


Goal of the further training
Completion of the course results in the presentation of an IHK certificate following at least 80% participation and successfully passing the test.

IHK certificate

Lesson format
Attendance parallel to work

RIDI Leuchten GmbH
Hauptstrasse 31-33
72417 Jungingen, Germany

Dates, scope and duration
Start on 6 May 2019
6 May 2019 to 6 June 2019

9 dates, Mon-Thu,
from 08:00 to 16:00

Registration deadline
7 May 2019

Johannes Schöller

Price: €1,480.00
plus €290.00 for test and certificate



Block 1
6 May 2019 / 7 May 2019 / 13 May 2019

Block 2
20 May 2019 / 21 May 2019 / 22 May 2019

Block 3
04 June 2019 / 05 June 2019 / 06 June 2019

IHK Reutlingen - Further training department

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Seminar start
06.05.2019, 08:00 Uhr

Seminar end
06.06.2019, 16:00 Uhr

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