Light + Building 2018: Inspiring tomorrow

RIDI Group presenting at Light + Building with a new and bigger booth

Same hall, different location

Hall 3.1, Booth E71

Gateway to light is the name of the RIDI Group booth at this year's Light + Building, where the Group will present its three brands: RIDI, Spectral and li:fy.

The booth will feature gates for functional lighting in office spaces, industrial facilities and shops to display RIDI lighting solutions. These solutions are innovative, practical, digital and user-friendly.

Meanwhile, gates for lighting applications inside buildings that emphasise design and architecture will put Spectral products on impressive display. These products are forward-thinking, intelligent and efficient.

There will also be a gate for hotel installations, featuring new li:fy lighting. This lighting is daring, modern, sophisticated and classic yet futuristic.

There will be a gate for technology as well. Here, we will display lighting in a digital, accessible and informative way.

Finally, there will, of course, be a special food gate set up for our customers.

Come take a look - what you see might surprise you!

We look forward to meeting you or seeing you again at our booth!

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