RIDI have been producing a continuous lighting system since 1987  The latest generation is the fastest to fit and most flexible yet  Widely considered one of the most advanced, easy to assemble and most maintenance friendly continuous lighting systems on the European Market 

LINIA is such a popular part of RIDI’s product range, that it is produced in its own dedicated factory and has extensive stock held in Germany


Fixing of LINIA is tool-less with a unique snap in connection system that simultaneously  fixes, powers and earths the luminaire in one motion  A multitude of  mouting accessories and joiners mean that every installation eventuality has been catered for  

On average, using pre-wired LINIA instead of standard lighting trunking provides an installation time saving of 70%



Five 2 5mm2 conductors provide three 16A switching circuits.

In addition there are two 1.5mm2 conductors for dimming / control signals and a further two 1.5mm2 conductor pairs that can be used for central battery systems 

The LINIA connector system and continuous power bars allow luminaires to be connected at any position along the length of the trunking, simply by snapping in.

At any point in the future, luminaires can be moved just by removing from the trunking and re-positioning, no re-wiring required


In addition to the quick fit luminaires, sensors, emergency lighting, spotlights, nightlights, exit signs, lighting track, power feeds and more can be fixed and powered using RIDI LINIA.

Your whole lighting system in one.



A variety of light distributions from clear longitudinal lenses.  

  • Broad
  • Narrow
  • Extremely Narrow
  • Asymmetric
  • Diffuse Opal

See Technical Details


Low glare prismatic and reeded prism optics for workplaces and teaching environments

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Double curve diffuser for low surface brightness and glare, with a naturally soft shadow free distribution

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Emergency exit signs for LINIA

DALI multisensors for LINIA

Cost effective

Our dedicated manufacturing plant runs at high capacity to satisfy demand for the product throughout Europe.

The modern and efficient lines mean that LINIA is extremely competitively priced and due to the high throughput, often available from stock.

... and Beautiful



The flexibility, convenience and power of RIDI LINIA is now available in a beautiful granular black finish. Each curve and line of the product is accentuated, producing a crisp elegant contrast to surrounding areas.

Every LINIA luminaire, accessory and attachment can be specified in the new finish..




Ideal for retail, and more

RIDI's range of spotlights can be directly mounted to the LINIA pre-wired trunking, retaining the ability to re-locate them at any time due to LINIA's tool-less fixing methods.  This allows the LED control gear to be mounted within the body of the trunking for an exceptionally neat finish.

For extra flexibility, use LINIA VLM .. ST.. modules with integrated three circuit lighting track.  Spots can be attached and detached, as well as moved along the length of the track, quickly and simply. 

See the VLM ..STS.. track modules...

Lupo Spot

On integrated track


Pablo Spot

On integrated track


Karo-XS Spot

On integrated track


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