We would be very pleased to welcome interested RIDI Group customers at RIDI in Jungingen or in Berlin/Zeuthen at  BERLUX. No matter whether you make the journey to Jungingen or Zeuthen, the content of the seminars is the same and unique to RIDI.

All seminar participants are also offered an insight into our world of work and have the chance to visit our state-of-the-art production facilities.

We take care to make the experience a pleasant one for all comers, providing board and accommodation as well as possible outings to the surrounding area.

Our seminar team looks forward to welcoming you in Jungingen or Zeuthen.

Seminar details PRODUCTS live

  • LED production made by RIDI
  • LED product overview & news
  • Project solutions
  • RIDI active - tour of production


  • Spatial and work-related planning
  • Standard planning in accordance with EN1838
  • ReluxPro + energy efficiency
  • ReluxMovie
  • Boolean operation

Seminar details DIALUXevo Beginner

  • Evo Easy, GUI
  • Geometry I + II
  • Furniture, objects, and materials
  • Luminaires I
  • Calculation

Seminar-Details DIALUXevo Advanced

  • Light scene
  • Geometry III
  • Furniture, objects, and materials
  • Luminaires II
  • Visualisation
  • Normative evidence
  • Expenditure
  • Issuing of certificates
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